I work with arts organisations on one-off interventions (e.g. staff awaydays and conferences; governance reviews; board awaydays; health checks for employment policies; reviews of job descriptions and more) and on longer term projects (e.g. business planning; review and development of vision, mission and strategic objectives; reviewing business models; creating structures for effective delivery etc), working with people to identify the issues and challenges facing them and their organisations, and designing and delivering a practical way forward.  Developing long term partnerships with organisations is particularly rewarding; with detailed knowledge and familiarity with board, staff, artistic purpose and ways of working, comes increased value in the support that can be offered.

I also work with individuals, most frequently senior managers and leaders, in need of a sounding board, a critical friend, an adviser.  I support individuals looking for advice on their career development, to coaching managers who just can't face another lonely battle with a business plan.

I've been told by numerous clients that I have a warm, knowledgeable, approachable style, with a firm undercurrent of determination that will get you and your team to where you need to be.  Certainly, there will be outcomes and actions. 

If you feel the need to get away from your office and think some fresh country air will stimulate things (it does), meetings or small group workshops can be hosted on the farm in Devon.

  The range of consultancy I offer includes:

  • Coaching and mentoring for leaders, managers and senior staff - face to face, by telephone and email to offer support, advice, and light at the end of the tunnel for highly pressured staff.  This can be offered 1:1 or for senior management or staff teams. 
  • Board development/governance review - from a health check of your Mem and Arts, board policies and procedures, to board refreshment, succession planning, training on board roles and responsibilities, facilitating board awaydays, reviewing the vision with staff and board, and board leadership.
  • Organisational review - at times of significant change, an external, objective but supportive outlook that asks the difficult questions and offers potential solutions.
  • Organisational development - from root and branch review of structures, vision, mission, objectives and working practices, to development needs analysis of all staff, development of appraisal processes, job evaluation and review of job roles/descriptions, support for Investors in People,  creation (and where appropriate) delivery of training/development plans.
  • Business planning - Ideally, supporting staff to develop their own plan for sustainability and viability in the long term, offering as much support as required (workshops to develop the ideas within the plan, developing the framework, creating content, editing etc), and where an organisation's staff is under extreme time pressure, production of the entire plan.
  • Policy and strategy development - from your arts policy to your grievance procedure and everything in between, including diversity action planning.
  • Facilitation of artists’ retreats, awaydays, workshops, seminars, conferences - as long as you know what outcome you require, we can work together to make sure you get there.
  • Objective setting - if you are concerned that your organisation is losing focus or is drifting from your key purpose, or if your business plan needs clear, SMART objectives.
  • Facilitating sign-up to change - through workshops and tailor-made activities to ensure your whole team creates, understands and is part of the future of the organisation.
  • Evaluation and review - of projects, initiatives, partnerships, whether they are at the beginning of the process, mid way through or at an end.
  • Human resource support - arts organisations rarely have the capacity for an in-house HR/personnel function. Appraisal, review and development of policies and procedures, and support for their implementation are all available, tailor made to your requirements.
  • Moving forward - if you need a team or group to work through options and agree clear actions, I can work with you to get the results you need.